If you are a content creator or authorized content re-seller, Clips4Sale can securely host your media and enable you to open a studio to offer it for sale. Each time media is purchased from your studio you earn revenue and when you have met or exceeded your selected payout minimum, you will receive a payout on the 7th of the month for the previous month's sales revenue.

Payout Percentages 60%
Payment Frequency On the 7th of the month following the month in which sale occurred.
Payment Minimum 50 USD
Female Models
Male Models
TS Models
Couple Models
Chargebacks Chargebacks are fully covered by Clip4Sale
Payment Methods • Check (mailed/emailed) • Bank wire transfer
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DaryaJane wrote a review about Clips4sale
November 5, 2021 - 12:28

C4S would have to be the biggest clip sales site that I've found. Lots of traffic, lots of studios/creators, there's a neiche for everyone here. It took me a while to understand how to do well on this site. Your store must choose a main keyword/tag and the majority of your vids must be related to that tag. If you only have a few vids you wont get seen. If you don't upload regularly you wont get seen. New vid uploads are shown on a list on the front page and also on the first page of the category tag of your clip, so with regular uploads your store will be seen easily. The site has never looked overly user friendly or modern, but you get used to it once you've done a few uploads and then it's easy. I like their traffic reports and statistics which shows you where most people are finding you so you can concentrate more on the tags that work well for you. There is pretty much 0 studio-customer interaction which works for me. Once you work out your store type, choose a main keyword and a few secondary tags and start saturating the site and you'll easily make payout every month!

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