Back to pandemic.

It was about 2 1/2  years since my last porn shoot due to the pandemic. I was pleasantly surprised when "Jeff", a producer that I had previously worked with, emailed me offering a day plus gig in NJ. So three weeks ago I drove to NJ, to meet Jeff at the mid-scale motel, off the NJ Turnpike, he had secured for the weekend.  Jeff and his GF "Sue", were setting up the room. Jeff told me [...]

My First Porn Shoot

My first porn shoot was approximately eight years ago. I had been a cam model, still am, and prior I did reviews for a major toy company  in the USA.  I was paid by receiving toys for reviews. I did have a full time, career type job, but I was determined to get a boob enhancement. I was a very athletic B Cup girl but I wanted more……for me!  I needed additional income [...]

Interview with VelvetSkye

Today we have VelvetSkye, Pornstar, Cammodel and Sex Therapist. I'm very glad that you made some time to do this interview with us! Hi Velvet, I'll start with some basics. How old are you and where are you from?      Are you not supposed to ask a woman (I was going to say lady but that may be a stretch lol)  her age I am 55, from Toronto, Ontario Canada*break* What [...]

Interview with Teresa DuMore

I’m happy to introduce to you a fellow Dutchy, Teresa DuMore. Erotic Actress and Entertainer. Born on April 18th and 11 years of Acting- mainstream, acting- Adult, web-cam, film, photo, pol-dans-striptease, striptease, show’s for big party’s & a XXX photographer. How and why did you start working in adult? Well, 11 years ago I did nude modelling for a lot of art academies* [...]

Interview with LilyCraven

I’m happy to give you our first interview here on WePornstars. Our guest is the one and only LilyCraven. Adult Actress, Cammodel, Content Creator, Radio Host and much much more! Thank you Lily for your time and sharing your experiences. We’ll start with some basics first. How old are you and where are you from? I am 45 years old originally from San Diego, California*break* What do [...]

Make your career into a success!

While being in porn can be great, being great at it is an all-together different kind of thing. In this article you will get some tips on how to become a successful porn talent.  Confidence works  It is very important that you need to be confident if you want to become a successful porn star. It helps a lot when you look good, but you don’t need to be a supermodel. Just be conf [...]

Tips for aspiring male talent

There are enough men who would love nothing more than to become a male porn star. However, becoming one requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and in most cases, it is harder for men than for women to get a job in porn. In this article you will read everything you need to know with regard to male porn stars. *break* What do I need? The road to porn stardom can be very hard. Just like you, [...]

How can I become a male porn star?

Porn is a very challenging industry for men to break into, and it’s not as easy as it is for women. Being a man in porn is a bit depressing, as it is. There are thousands of men who would like to be in porn, but they are rarely hired. There are certain requirements that men in porn have to meet in order to be successful. These include: *break* Being fit and looking good Having a bigge [...]

How much money can I make in porn?

In the adult industry, not the males, but the females make most of the money. Although it’s true that everyone is judged based on their looks, being able to do “special things” can get you a long way. Making money in porn  Every person who wants to become a porn star will ask the question how much money he/ she can earn as a model in a porn movie. In this part of the art [...]

How to become a porn star

There are several reasons why someone chooses to become a porn star. Some do it because it has always been a dream to make movies for adults, but for most it will be for financial reasons. Of course, the key question is how you can actually become a porn star. What are the things that you need to know or that you need to take into account?  In this article you will learn more about how to [...]

Getting into Porn, what can I expect?

This article contains information for people who want to get into the adult industry. You will find answers to some common questions and explanations of how things work. Do I need to have sex with the producer? Contrary to popular belief, an audition in porn is not required. In fact, it’s a fake. If someone asks for free footage, it’s not a producer. If you’re a new porn acto [...]

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