WePornstars is a community where adult talent can talk to their business colleagues. A safe place to interact, discuss and connect, without customers peeking in. You can simply read and learn or talk about business or non-business related topics on the forum, on the walls or in the chat. You can also exchange tips and tricks or review all kinds of different porn related businesses.

We have a lot of experience building community websites and our biggest project, WeCamgirls.com you might already know. But every group has its special needs. We're always open to new suggestions and ideas for the site to make your work a bit easier, so don't hesitate to contact us.

A community isn't much of a community without you girls and guys. Tell your friends you've found an independent and autonomous community website for adult talent where customers are not allowed. A place where there are single minded people and no trolls. Talk about shopping or philosophy, everything is possible. Discuss earnings, producers or agencies. It's all up to you! Remember, we need you to make this all work. Spread the word and we will make this a website you'll visit daily.

Rutger and Tristan